2-Day Tour of the Rainbow Mountain & the Queshuachaca (Inca Suspension Bridge): Exploring the Peruvian Andes Differently


Peru has various significant historic sites like The Rainbow Mountain, Inca suspension bridge (Queshuachaca) and The Four lagoons. Our company provides exciting tours to the above historic sites. Our expert team of guides has drafted a great 2-day visit to explore The Rainbow Mountain and Inca Suspension bridge (Queshuachaca). The Rainbow mountain trek is physically demanding but all the effort and toil is worth it. Many companies host tours from Cusco to the Rainbow Mountain and Inca bridge Queshuachaca but we provide the best services among all. Camina Los Andes intends to provide best 2-day exploration trip to Rainbow Mountain and Inca Bridge. Inca suspension Rope Bridge is a great expression of ancient Incan engineering.

Rainbow Mountains and Red Valley

Energizing Trip to Rainbow Mountain and Inca Bridge

Mountain, ancient Inca Suspension bridge (Queshuachaca) and the four Lagoons that will quench the thirst for tourism among tourists. You will be able to see the marvellous Peruvian Andes in entirely a different way. Our guided trip will include 1 day each at stunningly beautiful Rainbow Mountain, Inca Bridge and descent will take place from Red Valley. The last visiting spot will be the four lagoons. Apart from exhilarating scenic views, you’ll come across the beautiful flora and fauna of the Rainbow Mountains. Across your trekking path, you’ll encounter beautiful Llamas and Andean Camels. During the stay at Queshuachaca, It will be a great opportunity to closely see Quechua tribe. Last but not least, you’ll see the spectacular ancient rope hanging bridge that’s unique of its kind.

Pampamarca Lagoon

The vibrant Rainbow Mountains

You might have seen a lot of Rainbow Mountain images across various social media platforms but if you are in Peru then you must visit the Rainbow Mountains. The colorful (orange, red and yellow) seams of Rainbow Mountain will leave you in awe. You’ll find various tour agencies from Cusco to Rainbow Mountain but Camina Los Andes will provide the best budget-friendly deals to make your Peruvian trip memorable. Our company provides an intelligently designed travel tour that covers all the historical tourist spots in less time duration.

The Weather of Rainbow Mountains

We can categorize Rainbow mountain weather as dry and rainy weather.  For those who want to enjoy the bright mountains at day time with its pure vibrant colors visit in dry weather. Those who want to endure challenging trekking experience must visit Rainbow Mountains during the rainy season. You must choose your weather preferences as per your experience and desire. Due to global warming and many other factors the weather of Rainbow Mountains is a bit unstable however in winter the trail gets muddy and slippery but in summer it’s good for the trek. The visitors must keep the weather conditions in mind before visiting the Rainbow Mountains.

Inca Suspension bridge (Queshuachaca)

Inca rope suspension bridge was made in 1877 and its passage for animals and humans, it depicts the artistic and architectural approach of ancient Peruvian individuals living at Queshuachaca region. The classic Inca Bridge is famous worldwide famous because of its unique architecture. Inca suspension bridge is also featured by National Geographic and New York Times.


Our native tourist guide experts have prepared an effective excursion trip plan lasting for a brief time-period yet covering most important tourist spots like Rainbow Mountain and Inca Bridge.  We could be able to visit more in less time to make our trip time efficient. We have invested a great effort to design and mark such an effective route. During our tour, we shall make the following stops on the way to our destination.

Day 1
  • Cusipata.
  • Quiillihuani.
  • Rainbow Mountain.
  • Red Valley.
  • Home Stay at Local Family.
  • Queshuachaca.
Day 2
  • Queshuachaca Inca Suspension Bridge.
  • Pomacanchi Lagoon.
  • Acopia Lagoon.
  • Laguna Asnaqocha.
  • Pampamarca or Tungasuca Lagoon.


It’s going to be an energizing 2-day tour to Rainbow Mountain and Queshuachaca. It will include the visit to many places to have best of Peruvian Andes exploration experience in a short time. The tour will be started around 7 am as we want to avoid the crowd and start our tour before many other touring companies so that the tourist sites are not overcrowded during our visit. We will pick our explorers from the Cusco hostel and proceed towards the southeast.

On our Way to Rainbow Mountain

It’s a 2.5-hour drive from Cusco to the starting point of a place namely Quillihuani that’s the starting point of Rainbow Mountain trek. The mountain stands abreast at the altitude of 5200 meters (17060 feet) above sea level. Locally the mountain is called as Vinincuna mountain and it means a mountain having 7 colors.

Rainbow Mountain

At the Apex of Rainbow Mountain

After reaching upon the summit you’ll witness the settlement and accommodation of the Quechua tribe. They are keeping alive centuries old colorful culture. Along our trip, we will also get a chance to see beautiful Andean Flora and Fauna. It takes 2 hour hike from summit to reach the view point. From view point we can enjoy an exquisite view of Ausangate mountain peak covered with snow.The locals consider Ausangate a holy peak as per their belief. The rainbow-colored mountains will charm and leave the tourists spellbound. The arduous toil to Rainbow Mountain summit is completely worth it.

The Descent through the Red Valley

The detouring descent through the red valley further allows us to closely explore the panoramic picturesque scenic view of the vibrant and colorful rainbow mountain, the detouring track makes the descent easy as it contains mild steepness. The prominent lush green chunks between the red canyon mountains complements the beauty of the mountains. It takes around 2-hour descent to reach the base where the trip attendees will enjoy the scrumptious Peruvian lunch.

Red Valley

Local Residence Stay

The exciting trip will provide the tourists with a lifetime opportunity to stay at a local village inhabited by the native Quechua tribe who are keeping alive the centuries-old culture and traditions. Incan natives are so close to their religion and cultures, they practice agriculture to produce their eatables. The stay provides a great opportunity to have an in-depth look at the old Inca textile art. This is a beautiful and exciting place for our night stay.

The Last Inca Rope Bridge

After having breakfast we will proceed to visit the wonderful, the last Inca suspension bridge completely made by using the ancient techniques which are passed by the ancestors to the next generations. It is located at 11,800 feet (3600 meters) above sea level. It was built on Apurimac River during the times of the Inca Empire. A four-day ceremony is conducted annually to build the bridge using the ancient techniques.

Inca Suspension Bridge (Queshuachaca)

The Circuit of Four Lagoons

At the distance of 107 km are found the famous, stunning and beautiful four lagoons at the province of Acomayo in the district Pomacanchi. These four lagoons namely are Pomacanchi, Acopia, Laguna Asnaqocha, and Pampamarca or Tungasuca Lagoon. At the distance of 1.4 kilometers, situated in the districts of Pomacanchi and Acopia, the Pomacanchi Lagoons presents the crystal clear water mirror of 7.7 kilometers. Acopia Lagoon named after its town is situated at the side of Acopia town provides a stunningly pleasant scenic view. These beautiful lagoons contain beautiful flora and fauna. The four lagoons are the place where we will head back to Cusco after a memorable trip.

Pomacanchi Lagoon


What’s included in a 2-Day Trip

Our 2-day trip to the Rainbow Mountain and Inca suspension bridge will include the following facilities.

  • Professional and Knowledgeable tour guides with excellent Spanish and English language proficiency.
  • Comfortable Transport.
  • Small group categorization.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  • Fresh Water.

Useful suggestions for the Travelers

Travelers must take care of their complete hiking and trekking equipment including their wearables and footwear that provide them promising grip as per the terrain and comfort their ankles. Travelers must have umbrellas and raincoats if they are visiting in the rainy season. Do not forget to take a good sunscreen because the sun can turn harsh at high altitude. We have designed 2-day tours with the help of our experienced guides covering the notable most tourist spots including The Rainbow Mountain, Queshuachaca and the beautiful four lagoons