comfort & security in cusco

Our Goal

To provide an intimate, wholesome and memorable private trekking experience in the Cusco region of Peru is our objective. We prioritize the needs of our clients and work in close coordination with them to plan and execute a complete personalized tour. We specialize in trekking services and exploratory tours aided by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable tour guides and capable and skilled logistical team.

We aim to provide a personalized experience; therefore, we focus on small group tours with a maximum of four members per group. We realize that travelers look forward to having a time of their lives in the heart of the Andean region. We focus on smaller groups and carefully curated travel plans with the understanding that a personalized experienced is a truly fulfilling one.

Sit & Enjoy

Experienced Guides

Having lived in this region for years, we have seen it grow as a tourist hotspot. We strive to bring the best of Peruvian experience in Cusco. We have handpicked hotels, campsites and tourist spots to provide the best options to choose from. We are continuously working to explore new trails and diversify our itinerary options.

We have trekked across six continents gaining experience and understanding the challenges of adventure travel. Our team comprises of knowledgeable guides with experienced as vast as spanning over twenty-five years of exploring and guiding. They are versed in not only navigation but will take you through a breathtaking ride through our history with their brilliant storytelling as well. Our porters and logistical teams have been trained to cater any challenge that our diverse landscape, climatic conditions and wildlife may ever pose. With locals who have grown up in these high-altitude mountain ranges and the deep valleys, we are fully equipped and able to assist you in living your adventure travel dreams in Peru.

What we Offer

Given below is the list of all the services we provide to trekkers and travelers who wish to go on adventure travel in the Cusco region with our team.

Pick and Drop

Pick and drop from the Cusco airport upon arrival and departure from the city will be provided upon request for additional charges.

Hotel Booking

Hotel bookings and accommodations in Cusco city and the Sacred Valley. Each available option will be discussed in details before bookings.

tour briefings

Detailed tour briefings about selected itineraries via phone as well as in-person. The tour guide(s) will meet you in-person at your hotel after your arrival. You will be briefed in detail and all queries will be answered.

Pick up & Drop off

Private transport from the hotel to the starting point of your chosen itinerary and back to Cusco from the endpoint of your selected itinerary.

Luggage storage

Luggage storage and Porter service for carrying luggage up to a limit of 17lbs.

Drinking water

Boiled water will be available twice a day to fill bottles for drinking purposes.

Sleeping accommodations

Spacious tents with high-end mattress pads will be available. For your comfort the Marmot Tents with the space to accommodate four people will be provided for two people only.


Fully customized three gourmet meals per day by our personal chef in Cusco. Options for vegetarian and gluten free food are also available. Afternoon tea and snacks along the trail. Your culinary needs and preferences will be kept under consideration while curating menus. We shall have our own food supplies and kitchen tent to meet the needs. A dining tent with tables and stools will be available as well.

Hotel Accommodations

Accommodations in a four-star hotel in Aguas Calientes (on the way to Machu Picchu). In case of unavailability, a three-star hotel shall be booked. All options will be discussed with you before booking.

Separate toilets

Separate toilet tent with all toiletries. Hot water supplies for washing will be available twice a day in your Cusco tour.

Train Tickets

Tickets for train rides and archaeological sites.