1-Day Tour of the South Valley

We have chalked out the itinerary for our one-day tour of the South Valley to make sure that the travelers get the best of this place. We have made sure that you get to see the best of views, explore the most amazing archaeological sites and enjoy a unique culinary experience. We will stop at the following points along our route:

  • Pikillaqta
  • Tipon
  • Local residence in South Valley (for lunch)

Our 1-day tour of the South Valley will kick off at 9:00 AM in the morning. We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco city and head down south on our private transport. The South Valley is about 40 minutes drive away from what is now Peru’s cultural capital i.e. Cusco. Our first destination for the day will be Pikillaqta. It is an ancient Andean town sitting at an elevation of 3350 meters above sea level. This town is a pre-Inca settlement. According to the archeologists, it was developed by the Wari Civilization. The Wari Empire rose glory some six hundred years before the rise of the Inca civilization. This town is a model of Wari-Inca architectural brilliance and their sound urban planning. There are large complexes and enclosures and geometric design which are characteristic of both Wari and Inca architecture. Wari civilization prevailed in a military society while the Inca Empire thrived on its vast research and development. Pikillaqta is a testimony to the greatness of both these civilizations. They flourished in the Peruvian Andes and became two of the greatest empires of South American history.

After exploring this amazing town, we will move towards our next stop which will be at Tipon which is just 30 minutes away from Pikillaqta. Tipon is a ceremonial site dedicated to the worship of water deities in the Inca culture. The ancient structure, comprising of a network of aqueducts and a reservoir, stands tall as a symbol of Incan spiritual grandeur. It is a place worth exploring. We will have enough time to draw a connection with the calm and peace around this site through meditation. People meditate at Tipon because it is beautiful, calm and full of positivity. It will help you relax and have a great time.

From Tipon, we will head further south in the valley where we will stop at a local residence. We will have our lunch here. South Valley has its traditional culinary arts developed centuries ago. It is called Pacamancha, the art of cooking in clay pots and deep stone ovens. Our guide along with our local host will introduce you to this culinary art. They will show how the people of this area have been cooking meat and vegetables by baking them in stone ovens for centuries. It is a complete process which involves margination, frying and cooking of meat and the vegetables. It will take about thirty minutes of intense heat cooking in the stone ovens before we can have our lunch. You will get to enjoy the unique Peruvian cuisine in its most traditional form. It will be an amazing experience. We will head back to Cusco at around 3:00 PM in the afternoon.

South Valley & Pachamanca 1-day Trip:

$85 USD per person provided you are going in a group of 4 people.

Terms and conditions apply, and prices may vary accordingly in case you are travelling in more or less numbers, customized trips, trips including more sights, solo or with family.

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