1-Day Tour of the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is vast and it has some magnificent ruins, numerous indigenous villages and stunningly beautiful sceneries in every corner. We have selected some sites for our 1-day tour of the Sacred Valley for you to enjoy every bit of its life in a short time. The sites we shall visit (by the given order) on our tour are as follows:

  • Qochawasi animal sanctuary
  • Willka Mayu river bank
  • Pisaq ruins
  • Pisaq market
  • Ollantaytambo

Our 1-day tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas is a full day tour which means that we start off our day as early as 08:00 A.M. in the morning. The valley is located 15 kilometers in the north of the main city of Cusco. We will pick you up from the hotel where you are staying in the city and head towards our first destination, the Qochawasi animal sanctuary. Exotic native animals from all around the Andean valley are brought to this animal rescue center where they are taken care of. You will be able to see in-person the unique indigenous animal species at the sanctuary. You will have a fun time feeding the llamas, alpacas, pumas, south American bears, condors etc.

From the Qochawasi animal sanctuary, we drive deep into the Urubamba Valley to find ourselves a beautiful spot to gaze at the beautiful Urubamba river. This historic river which is the primary source of water and has allowed the Peruvian Andes to live since the ancient times. It is known as the Willka Mayu which literally means “the sacred river.” This river has irrigated the fertile soil of this valley since the ancient times. It continues to aid the cultivation of indigenous corn species and other crops till date. We stop at an exclusive river-view point to have exotic views of this Nile of the Andes.

We continue our journey across the Sacred Valley and head towards the magnificent ruins of Pisaq. We will take a bus from the Willka Mayu sightseeing point towards this ancient village. The magnificent ruins of an ancient Incan fortress shadow the village. You will be amazed to see the fine stonework, remnants of a temple dedicated to the worship of the Sun God, agricultural terraces and fort structures embedded in caves. There are natural holes which form the ancient Incan cemeterial complex. These ruins showcase the craft of Incan engineers and builders at best.

From the ruins, we drive down towards our next stop which is the historic Pisaq market. This market was the primary commercial arcade during the glorious time of Incan rule. Tribal farmers from all over the Sacred Valley make way towards these markets to sell their harvest. However, this market is the cultural hotspot in the valley. Artists form all around bring their best work using the indigenous Peruvian art forms, some influenced by the colonial Spanish aesthetics. It has now transformed into a colorful and culturally rich Peruvian souvenir market in the valley.

Our final destination on our 1-day tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas the ancient town of Ollantaytambo. This town is now the lone-standing urban design of the Inca architecture and design in its original form. It Is an example of the comprehensive and advanced urban planning of the Inca civilization. The ancient town finds its character in the erect cobblestone designs, efficient canal system which is still functional and a gridded urban town layout. In the north end of this town, there stands a beautiful temple of sun which was partially demolished during a decisive Spanish expedition during the fifteenth-century conquest. Ollantaytambo is a fascinating place in its own right!

Sacred Valley Tour 1-day Trip:

$130 USD per person provided you are going in a group of 4 people.

Terms and conditions apply, and prices may vary accordingly in case you are travelling in more or less numbers, customized trips, trips including more sights, solo or with family.

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