Camina Los Andes

We keep our visits little and give close consideration to our administration and quality

Our Vision

We are a group of professionally licensed enthusiastic explorers with an aim to inspire adventure travel by providing a rich Peruvian experience. Having expedited in six continents over decades, we make a labor of love to create an exceptional adventure travel experience enriched with the essence of the rich and unique Peruvian culture. It is our mission to provide a fulfilling intimate small group experience to travelers

Excellent guide who was extremely knowledgeable. You can tell Peru is in his blood and his passion for his people and sharing his stories were wonderful. Also a great musician!
Doreen C
Buenos Aires, Argentina

We encourage explorers to venture out on less-traveled Inca Trail routes across the Sacred Valley and plunge into Peru’s centuries-old history midst pristine natural beauty. Making adventure travel in Peru a special experience with an unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism with moral responsibility lies at the core of our ethos. We have a Peruvian guide with 25 years of experience and several other skilled professionals on our team. Together we aspire to inspire adventure travel!


What’s Different About Us?

We are explorers at heart and that is what makes all the difference! We do not simply keep drawing in clients for each tour of the city of Cusco or the various sections of the ancient Inca Trail across the Sacred Valley. Be it the famous and bustling Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or the less explored Choquequirao Trek or day’s trek to the Rainbow mountains, we focus on smaller groups of four to five members each accompanied by one guide. We don’t wish to let explorers visit some destinations as foreign tourists on a holiday. We put in all our effort, time and experience into ensuring that our clients breathe in the essence of Peru as they truly explore the enchanting natural beauty, the impressive history and the rich culture of this land. Our guides, with as much experience of twenty-five years of guiding trekking and sightseeing tours across the Cusco region, towards the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu and beyond, not only act as navigators but passionate storytellers and teachers who shall introduce you the unique realm of a truly Peruvian experience. It is your desired experience that we wish to provide you with. Hence, we can also arrange tailor made customized trips for you, just the way you want. Send us what you are looking for in Peru and we  at Camina Los Andes will try our best to get it all covered for you!