1-Day Tour of Rainbow Mountain & Red Valley: Discover the World’s Finest Color Palette


Peru is the topmost destination for historians and adventurers. One of the prominent most tourist destinations in Peru is Machu Picchu Citadel. One of the most incredible geological wonders in the world situated in Peru is the vibrant Rainbow Mountains. Rainbow mountain is famous for its unique mineralogy. Due to the unique mineralogy, it looks like a colorful palette of rainbow colors. The Red Valley is a wonderful touring spot adjacent to Rainbow Mountains. Our company is offering great tour packages to explore the Andean beauty differently. Our 1-Day Tour of Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley gives an extravagant experience to soothe the eyes with lush colors of Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley.

Rainbow Mountain

Peruvian Vibrant Rainbow Mountains

In local language Rainbow mountain is called Vinincuna. The word Vinincuna means colorful mountains. Rainbow Mountains looks like a colorful palette having seven rainbow colors on the terrains which looks so unreal and incredibly beautiful. Many tourists visit Peru to see Rainbow mountain. The beautiful Rainbow Mountains are sitting at an altitude of 5200 meters, 17060 feet above the sea level. Red, green, gold and maroon colors with snow present an amazing sight to admire in sunlight.

Rainbow Mountain is not less than a geological wonder discovered in South American country Peru. Rainbow Mountains were covered with snow so they were unnoticed for a long time. As the snow melted everyone was stunned to see the uncovered geological wonder of Vinincuna Mountains, the mountain of 7 colors. Unique mineralogy of Rainbow Mountains presents beautiful hues of red, violet, gold and lavender colored mountains standing tall in the sky. Before heading to rainbow mountain hike one must have to acclimatize for at least one or two days to avoid altitude sickness.

Rainbow Mountains and Red Valley

The unique Red Valley

The red valley Cusco is another popular tourist destination in Peruvian Andes. Red valley is situated in Pitumarca district . It takes 3 hours drive from Cusco to Pitumarca. It looks unbelievable to see a valley with 95 percent of red soil and just a few small lush green patches. You must be acclimatized first to see this beautiful creature of nature as it won’t be a good idea to fly to Cusco and start hiking next day up to the altitude of 5100 meters, 16730 feet so it’s better to get acclimatize first to enjoy the wonderful hike to Red Valley.

Red valley


Our top priority is to ensure to make our client’s time special, enjoyable and memorable while living and exploring the raw natural beauty in Peru. We have utilized our immense experience in an effective way to draft a wonderful itinerary for our 1-Day tour of Rainbow Mountain & Red Valley.

  • Pitumarca (For Breakfast).
  • K’ayrawiri (starting point for hiking towards the Rainbow Mountain’s Summit).
  • Red Valley.
  • Japura (For the return to Cusco city).

Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley tour details

1-Day Tour of the Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley is going to be so great and a long day so we will leave early in the morning while trying not to waste extra time. We will leave early in the morning at about 4 AM. We will pick you from your hotel in Cusco and start traveling. After 2.5 hours of travel, we will reach the first destination of our day .i.e. Pitumarca where we will have delicious Peruvian breakfast.

Red Valley tour

After delicious breakfast, we will head towards the starting point of our trek namely K’ayrawiri along Rainbow mountain ascent. During trek tour we will see a lot of Quechua tribe settlements, adopting centuries old traditions.  All of those villagers have a unique and colorful culture just like the vibrant colors of Rainbow Mountain. The beautiful color of old Incan civilization and landscape will make this hike wonderful. We will see herds of llamas in our path.

Rainbow colored mountain and beautiful landscape

Continuous 2.5 hikes will take us to the colorful wonder of nature sitting at 5200 meters, locally known as Vinincuna Mountain that means the mountain of 7 colors. Rainbow Mountain is a part of the Andean alpine range of Vilcanota and located near the famous and majestic Ausangate Mountain held sacred by the natives. Rainbow mountain has recently appeared on the face of earth due to global warming. After the melting of snow a beautiful wonder of nature appeared in front of the world.

Red Valley Tour

After spending a good time at the peak and having a great tourist experience we shall have a descent. This place is so clean due to the less influx of the tourist. This canyon is famous for red soil and lush green patches of land that looks so refreshing. After visiting and enjoying both of the locations we will head for the descent to reach timely to our locations. It will take us 2.5 hours to descend till Japura. We will grab our private transport from here and make our back home. We shall be back at Cusco city by 6:30 PM.

What’s Included in our 1-day tour?

Our 1-Day tour to Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley is planned in a way to be the best thrilling experience for adventurers and explorers. Our 1-Day trip package will include the following facilities.

  • Transport.
  • English and Spanish proficient guides.
  • Personalized small groups.

Keep raincoat, a pair of extra clothes, good quality footwear and insect repellent to make your trek journey comfortable. Do not forget to take good sunscreen to protect your skin. The sun can get harsh at such altitude so it is better to keep good quality sunscreen. Do not forget to wear hiking boots as they provide a good ground grip. Hiking poles will be so helpful because they provide good stability in slippery terrain.  Take adequate fresh water to keep yourself fresh and hydrated.