About Camina Los Andes

Our service is one of Peru’s driving visit force trusted for expert, proficient, and exceptionally neighborly benefits. We center around Treks and Adventure visits to Machu Picchu via several routes such as Inca Trail, Ausangate, Salkantay and various others. Apart from that we offer a huge variety of other treks, tours and activities across Peru. With an emphasis on disclosure, social inundation and individual accomplishment, our experience travel occasions will challenge and motivate you while you bond with other similarly invested voyagers who likewise share an affection for investigating new places, cultures and societies. Camina Los Andes is now a huge name in all of the Cusco trekking companies .

We are an enthusiastic group of movement authorities giving premium travel encounters to various places such as Salkantay, Inca Trail, Choquequirao, Ausangate, Huchuy Qosqo, Lares Trek and Rainbow Mountain to name a few. We realize each individual is special, which is the reason we set aside some effort to comprehend what you are searching for to guarantee we provide you an exclusively amazing excursion. There are many cusco trekking companies but Camina Los Andes come with adorable services.


Intimate travel experience with attention to detail to provide quality travel expeditions

Camina Los Andes is a professionally-licensed tour operator with an aim to help people explore Peru. With a local Peruvian guide having over 25 years of guiding experience on board, our mission is to provide exceptional adventure travel experiences, encourage people to explore off the beaten and less traveled by paths, and while doing so, we inspire to give back with the best intimate, small group travel experience. We offer treks, tours, and adventure trips throughout Peru, with a strong commitment to sustainable, ethical, and responsible travel which will help you explore the Peruvian culture in all its essence like never before this makes us one of the best cusco trekking companies.

Guided Tours Across The Cusco Trekking Region and Beyond Is What We Offer

We as a Company offer guided Cusco trekking and sightseeing tours across the Cusco region and beyond. Cusco was once the heart of the mighty Inca empire and today it serves as the starting point of innumerable expeditions across Peru. We offer specialized small group city tours, one-day tours around the Sacred Valley, sightseeing trips to some of the most iconic and majestic landmarks and natural wonders in the area as well as guided trekking tours along the infamous Classic Inca Trail, Salkantay, Ausangate, Choquequirao, Lares Trek and the Rainbow Mountains. We realize that every individual is unique, therefore, we make a special effort to ensure that we work in close coordination with our clients to curate travel plans which can give them exceptional travel experience. We realize what it means for everyone to step out of their comfort zone, pushing forward their own boundaries and discovering what they are truly capable of. Away from the mundane flow of life, travelers seek to discover themselves as they explore the bounties of land as they take on some of the most challenging and breathtaking trails in the world. Thus, we invest ourselves in creating a truly intimate and inspiring adventure travel experience soaked in the native Peruvian culture which makes us one of the best cusco trekking companies.

You Are Our Priority, We Promise 100% Assistance & More!

We understand that to create an experience of a lifetime for you, it is you who should be the focus of everything we do to make your Peruvian travel venture a truly mesmerizing one. We promise 100% assistance to you starting the very moment you decide to avail our services. We will assist in making the most appropriate tour arrangements which meet all your needs. We shall curate travel plans which are in your best interest and promise an enriched travel adventure experience in Peru. If you hire our services for any trekking trips, either along the classic Inca Trail, the Rainbow mountains or the less busy Ausangate, Salkantay, Lares or the Choquequirao treks, we will help you in designing a training program in accordance with the physical and mental needs of these expeditions. We work with and for you not only as professional tour operators but also as explorers seeking an adventure!