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About Camina Los Andes

We Embrace Solo Travel – There is nothing so liberating than finding out that you are capable of more, far more than you ever believed. Nothing frees you from the noise of self-doubt than stepping outside of your comfort zone. Trekking thousands of kilometers away from the bustling cities, into the enigmatic highlands, lets you challenge your own boundaries. You are pushed and tested both mentally and physically, but the Zen you find within your self-satisfying exhaustion makes it all worthwhile. Trekking lets you discover your truest and the best self. It is an experience capable of changing everything about yourself and your view of our personal journeys.

With each step, you are transformed and a stronger version of yourself is born. In the solitude of these moments, you may find an inner calm that is swallowed by the monotony of routine.  This is your escape, your chance to replenish your soul and energies, to experience like never before. A walk across sacred mountains that have stood the trials of time lets you breathe in the beauty of nature and connect with your deepest self.  A trek towards the summit lets you walk towards your own core. It is a wholesome journey.

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We believe in a fulfilling and intimate trekking experience. To treat our clients to the best of Andes, we focus exclusively on micro-groups. While other companies try to recruit as many people as possible (12 -16) to fill out their client rosters, we are committed to lead groups of no more than 4. We do so according to our mission to make adventure travel into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We believe that intimate experience in the Andes lets people explore these stunning lands as a living and breathing part of them. We strive to help feel home instead of a bunch of backpackers in a foreign land.   

How are we different from other trekking companies?

We guarantee 100% Assistance with everything including:

  • Travel arrangements – Help you find the best flights to Cusco; Help with the most reasonable itinerary of getting you to Cusco.
  • Training
  • Picking proper gear for any of the treks
  • Hotel search
  • Finding the best Restaurants and reservations
  • Your Lima travel plans – tours, hotels, transportation

If you happen to be a SOLO traveler who wants to traverse any of the Treks on their own (Not Inca), we can help you with the logistics. Whether you go with us or you go with someone else.

If you are a low budget traveler who finds all our deals unaffordable, we guarantee assistance in finding deals that suit your needs and budget.

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