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It’s The People We Work For!

At Camina Los Andes, it lies at the core of our ethos to inspire adventure travel while ensuring ethical and sustainable tourism. We invest ourselves in giving travelers the truest Peruvian experience. Our guides also follow a No plastic policy and carry steel or glass water bottles for themselves while on the trip.

However, our contributions to building a sustainable life for the natives is not limited to fostering values of sustainable tourism. We work with all our hearts to ensure a better life for the people of Peru for generations to come. To fulfill our dream of seeing these lands flourish forever, we work day in and day out to provide the people with clean drinking water. It is the people we work for and we take pride in paying back to our community.

We Fight Peru’s Battle For Clean Drinking Water!

The beautiful Peruvian land and its people, its unique and colorful culture and its rich heritage is our pride. We commit ourselves to pay back to our people and contribute to their welfare. Therefore, we fight Peru’s battle for clean drinking water. Water purification infrastructure has greatly improved over the last three decades. However, almost 3 million Peruvians still lack access to clean and safe drinking water. We ensure the provision of safest and cleanest drinking water to our clients while we tour our amazing Peru. And we also work to give the same to the natives. We foster values of ethical and sustainable tourism and we work to sustain the unparalleled beauty of these lands too. It is water that sustains life. That’s why we work with the Living Waters For The World (LWW) organization to provide clean and safe drinking water to the communities.

How Do We Do It?

Living Waters For The World is an organization which leads community-based water missions to provide clean drinking water. We work with them for a sustainable solution to Peru’s drinking water crisis. We work together to install and sustain water purification units. These units are installed, owned and maintained by the communities. We work with the native communities to fight this battle for clean and safe drinking water.

Meet Percy!

Meet Percy Ayala, main man at Camina Los Andes and our top guide too. He is the man inspiring Camina Los Andes’s commitment to ethical and sustainable adventure travel. The Peruvian Andes is his home and he treasures the wonders of these lands. He is a man on a mission to bring the best Peruvian experience to the travelers and serve his community.

Percy is the ambassador for Living Waters For The World’s Peru chapter. He collaborates with them to spread awareness for the need for community-based initiatives to address the drinking water crisis. Percy has undertaken many ventures in Peru, working with LWW to mobilize locals, install and sustain water purification plants.

Percy has taken up Peru’s battle for clean drinking water and promotion of sustainable and ethical tourism in the country. Camina Los Andes is committed to its vision and takes pride in working for the people.