2-Day Tour of the Rainbow Mountain & the Queshuachaca (Inca Suspension Bridge)

We have chalked out a great itinerary for our two-day tour of the Rainbow Mountain and Queshuachaca. We have invested our time and effort in designing the route and marking the attractions. We want to give you a once in a lifetime experience on this tour. Therefore, we shall make the following stops on our journey.

Day 1:
  • cusipata
  • Rainbow Mountain
  • Red Valley
  • Local residence in a native village
  • Queshuachaca (campsite)
Day 2:
  • Queshuachaca Inca Suspension Bridge
  • Pomacanchi Lagoon
  • Acopia Lagoon
  • Laguna Asnaqocha
  • Pampamarca or Tungasuca Lagoon

Our 2-day tour of the Rainbow Mountain and Queshuachaca is going to be a long one. We will visit many places to enjoy the best of the Peruvian Andes in the short time we will have. We will start the tour early on the first day leaving the Cusco city at 07.00 We will pick you from hour hotel in Cusco and head southeast.

Towards the Rainbow Mountain

 It will take 2.5 hours to drive from Cusco to our first stop, Cusipata. We will have our breakfast here. You will enjoy some traditional Peruvian cuisine before we move towards Quillihuani, which marks the starting point of our Rainbow Mountain trek. This mountain stands at an elevation of 5,200 meters above sea level. It is locally known as the Vinicunca Mountain i.e. the mountain of seven colors. You will be amazed to see the vivid natural colors of this mountain. The hues of red, maroon, gold and lavender are stunning, especially on a sunny day. This mountain is a natural wonder in itself.

At the Summit

You will see many Quechua tribal settlements along the way. They have a colorful culture which has been kept alive for centuries. You will also see some native Andean flora and fauna along the way. It will 2.5 hours to hike towards the viewpoint near the summit of the Rainbow Mountain. With the snow-capped Andean mountains in the backdrop and scenic views of the nearby majestic peak of Ausangate, the reflections of the amazing colors of the Rainbow Mountain will leave you charmed. The ascent is steep but the toil is worth it.

Descent Through the Red Valley

We will take a detour and descend through the Red Valley after having explored the Rainbow Mountain. This is a less-travelled route but offers some of the most unique and beautiful views in the whole of Peruvian Andes. The amazing red soil of this canyon is complimented by some lush green patches. It will take us about two hours to complete this beautiful and reach the base where we will have our lunch.

Stay At A Local Residence and Queshuachaca

We will continue our journey and visit the residence of a native family in one of the several villages in the area. These villages are inhabited by the indigenous Quechua people who have lived in these areas for centuries. They follow their religion of the earth, practice agriculture and ancient textile art of this region. They have kept their culture alive and take pride in it. You will see how they live and practice their traditions. You will be able to see some pieces of their ancient Inca textile art as well. We spent the night here in the house of one local family.

Exploring the Last Inca Rope Bridge

We will wake up early the next morning and move towards the Inca suspension bridge after breakfast. Queshuachaca is located 3,600 meters above the sea level and hosts the last standing Inca rope suspension bridge. This bridge was built on the Apurimac River during the time of the mighty Inca Empire. This bridge is renewed every year by almost 1,000 native people belonging to four native communities. These people meet annually for a four-day ceremony which is conducted to rebuild this bridge using the original Inca methods using braided cables. These skills have been passed from one generation to another over the last five centuries or so.

Onward to the Stunning Four Lagoons

After exploring the Queshuachaca suspension bridge we will head towards the Lakes Circuit. This circuit includes four pristine lagoons of the region – Pomacanchi Lagoon, Acopia Lagoon, Laguna Asnaqocha and Pampamarca or Tungasuca Lagoon. These lakes are known for their clear waters, indigenous marine life and absolutely stunning Andean landscape. You will see some unique species of the Andean flora and fauna around these beautiful lakes. Pomacanchi Lagoon is the most notable among the four. You will have a great time exploring these lakes and having some delicious lunch with some great views in sight. We will head back to Cusco from here and will reach there by sunset.

Rainbow mountain, Red Valley, Home Stay, Inka Suspention Bridge and 4 lagoons 2-days Trip:

$220 USD per person provided you are going in a group of 4 people.

Terms and conditions apply, and prices may vary accordingly in case you are travelling in more or less numbers, customized trips, trips including more sights, solo or with family.

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