Sacred Valley: 1- Day tour to Sacred Valley


When it comes to tourist sites Peru has to offer a lot, stay at Peru is a real treat for the backpackers as they have a lot to explore in this South American Country. Peru has an immense amount of historical treasure and the existence of a sacred valley is it’s one of the biggest examples. The sacred valley situates between Machu Picchu and Cusco. If you are already in Peru then join us to have 1-day tour to the sacred valley of Peru to have an unforgettable experience.

The Majestic, Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley is 20 kilometers away from Cusco city. Sacred Valley stretches over the 100-kilometer landscape, from Pisaq town, Pisaq ruins, and the infamous Machu Picchu. The sacred valley used to be a marvelous area for having amazing infrastructure which has now converted into ruins. Sacred Valley is one of the important most archeological sites for tourism visitors. Thanks to the friendly weather, temperature and Wilka Mayu River which used to play a pivotal role in the agriculture of sacred valley. Incan people were experts in construction. There is a lot to learn from old Incan architecture.

The best thing about sacred Valley is that it has very easy access to the tourists which can use different transportation means and can avail guided visits by the tourist clubs and firm. The ruins of the sacred valley make you realize about the development of the region during those early Incan Empire days. The sacred valley was cultural, heritage, historical, agricultural, archeological and spiritual base of the Incan Empire has it has a lot to offer to the tourists all over the world. The sacred valley has varying altitudes from 6730 to 9800 feet.

Ruins of sacred valley.
The beautiful sacred valley.


The sacred valley is stretches over a vast Peruvian Landscape. It possess splendid tourist sites including numerous old villages, magnificent ruins, and beautiful landscapes. We have selected some of the popular most sites for you to explore the sacred valley at its best. The 1-Day tour will provide you the best time effectivity and you’ll visit more in considerably less time.

The sites will be following the sequence as followed.

  • Qochawasi animal sanctuary
  • Sacred River (Wilka Mayu river) bank
  • Pisaq Ruins
  • Pisaq Market
  • Ollantaytambo


Our one day tour to Sacred Valley will be a great outdoor experience. Sacred Valley is at a distance of 20 kilometers from Cusco. We will head up for our trip early at 08:00 AM. We will pick up our guests from the hotels we will head towards our first destination. Our final destination will be an animal sanctuary at Qochawasi. Qochawasi is an animal rescue sanctuary that contains exotic birds from all over Peru. It will be a great experience for you to witness these beautiful birds and have a chance to feed them. You’ll feel great to feed alpacas, condors, llamas, pumas, and South American Bears.

Qochawasi animal sanctuary
Animal sanctuary at Qochawasi.

Qochawasi Animal sanctuary

After visiting Qochawasi animal sanctuary we will head towards Urubamba valley which is called the birthplace of Incan Civilization because of its extremely fertile land. Even at the time when various places of Peru were suffering from drought, the Urubamba valleys enjoyed great fertility, thanks to the Urubamba River, also called Wilka Mayu that means sacred river that contributed a lot in the fertility of Urubamba Valley land. It has served the Peruvian Andes as a primary source of fresh water however helped a lot in the sustainability of indigenous cultivation and crops. After that, we will stop to see the breathtaking and exotic view of Wilka Mayu of the Peruvian Andes. We will see the magnificence of this sacred river from a viewpoint to embrace the breathtaking view of Wilka Mayu River.

Wilka Mayu river (sacred River)
Sacred river of the sacred valley

Incan Sacred River

Our journey through Sacred Valley isn’t over yet. After visiting the magnificent sacred river we will head towards the spectacular ruins of Pisaq by taking the bus from Urubamba valley. Pisaq is an archeological site located at 35 km distance from Cusco. As per the local traditions the cities were built in the form of a sacred animal or a bird and Pisaq was made as a shape of quail. While reaching the next stop we will witness the great and artistic cemetery masterpieces shadowing the whole village, these are the ruins of Pisaq. Ruins of Pisaq exhibits the artistic approach of Ancient Peruvians. There are stunning stone buildings. One of the reasons for the city’s fame is an astronomical observatory.

Pisaq Archeological site
Agricultural terraces of Pisaq.

Pisaq Agricultural Terraces

The city is divided into two parts first one the city and temple itself and the second agricultural terraces. After visiting the ruins of Pisac we will head towards the Pisac market where locals sell their daily use items including vegetables, weaving products and regional souvenir to the tourists. The locals stockpile the purchased items for a week. A large portion of the market contains souvenir stalls. Incan jewelry, hats, ceramic products, Incan instruments, and other souvenirs are available here. Pisac market attracts a good number of tourists. Pisac market acts as a cultural hub for the valley because all the culture-oriented items are available here. Artists bring their handcrafted products depicting traditional Peruvian and Spanish aesthetics.

Pisac Market
The Pisac market mostly contains souvenirs.

Pisac souvenir market

Ollantaytambo will be the last destination of our 1-day tour to the sacred valley. To enter Ollantaytambo one must need a partial or full ticket either online or physically from Cusco city. Ollantaytambo serves as a starting point of the Inca trail hence it has a handsome tourist influx. Ollantaytambo is 60 kilometers away from the Cusco city. This city is elevated at 9160 feet. It is an ultimate expression of advanced urban Inca civilization. The town is equipped with an efficient canal system and cobblestoned floors which are still in best functional condition. There is a beautiful temple of the sun on the northern side of town. It was demolished during the Spanish contest in the sixteenth-century. Ollantaytambo ruins narrate a great story of Incan architectural development that now has been converted to ruins.

Ollantaytambo ruins Peru
Ollantaytambo ruins situated in sacred valley Peru.

What is Included?

Our one day tour will include the following facilities.

  • Tickets to archeological sites.
  • Transport.
  • Small personalized groups.
  • Tour guides with good knowledge and English, Spanish language proficiency.

We advise our tourists to bring good quality footwear and comfortable wearables. Don’t forget to bring water and sunscreen while both of these will be needed a lot. During the wet season there is always a handsome chance of downpour therefore bring umbrella and raincoat to avoid discomfort.