1 Day City Tour of Cusco & Nearby Ruins Exploring The Peruvian Cultural Capital


Cusco is a former cultural capital of Peru. Peru is a South American country. If you have excitement for tourism and exploration then you must visit Peru as there is a lot to visit in Peruvian Andes. Cusco city tour has to offer an amazing itinerary. Our company offers an amazing Cusco city tour following a popular itinerary that will make your trip memorable and enjoyable. Cusco city contains a lot of historical sites so 1 day tour to the historical and cultural capital will be a great opportunity to explore its heritage. We are offering great offers for one day tour including Cusco. A question arises, why you should join us as many companies are working in this field so we retain an immense experience and certainly we can provide the best services in the business. It will be a great Cusco city sightseeing tour.

Cusco City Peru
The Historical Cusco City

Cusco city, the historical capital of Peru

The capital of Peru is Lima but Cusco is more famous than Lima. Cusco contains 3000 years of consecutive inhabitation. Cusco city hosts a lot of tourists daily. A huge number of tourists visit Peru to experience Inca trail hike and the hiking trail route starts from Cusco city. During the last few decades, Cusco city has turned into a cosmopolitan city as the people from different avenues have access to the lost city of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Cusco city holds great significance as it is considered as one of the oldest inhabited cities in the American continents.

Street of ancient city
Cobblestoned street of Cusco city

Cusco has a lot to offer as it was the heart of the formidable Incan Empire and home to the majestic Andean heritage. It reflects the cultural history of the Incan civilization and also reflects the vivid history of the colonial past of the country that has contributed to Peru’s evolution. Cusco city retains the old cultural heritage and modern diversification in raw and most presentable form. Cusco has cobblestoned streets.


We offer an exciting 1-day city tour to Cusco and nearby ruins and we have designed our itinerary in such a way to visit more places in less time to use a day effectively. Archeological sites in Cusco city aren’t situated that far so it is easy to pay a visit to more sites in a single day as it saves traveling time. We are offering 2 tours in connection to Cusco city and Cusco city ruins tour, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Our city tour will take you to the following destinations.

  • Cusco’s Cathedral or the Qoricancha temple
  • Saqsaywaman
  • Quenqo
  • Puka Pukara
  • Tambomachay

Cusco city sightseeing

Our guided tour of the Cusco city and nearby ruins will begin from your hotel, we will pick you from your hotel and move further towards our first destination. Our first destination will either be the Qoricancha temple or the Cusco cathedral, it will be your choice to choose one of them but the most preferred one is the Qoricancha temple.

Qoricancha/Qorikancha/Coricancha/Korikancha temple
The golden temple of Cusco, the Qoricancha temple

The Qoricancha temple

The Qoricancha temple name has originated from 2 Quechua words, quri and Kancha. Quri means gold in English and kancha means temple so collectively it means temple having gold like walls. Qoricancha temple is also known as Sun Temple. Beautiful lush green garden surrounds the Sun Temple. Qoricancha temple situates in Santo Domingo Plaza in Cusco. This great spiritual site pays a huge tribute to the heritage of beautiful Incan architecture.

Cusco Cathedral
Magnificent Catholic Cathedral, the Cusco Cathedral

Cusco Cathedral

The alternative site is the Cusco Cathedral, that’s the most magnificent Catholic Church in the whole region perhaps entire South America itself. The Cusco cathedral hosts some of the most amazing and eye-catching woodwork and Cusquenian School of art, the cathedral is 5 centuries old standing masterpiece.

Saqsaywayman Fort
Saqsaywayman fort

Saqsaywayman Fort

Our second stop will be Saqsaywaman fortress which is the biggest architectural structural build by the Incan empire. The fort is situated on the northern edge of the old Incan capital the Cusco city. Cusco has less elevation than Saqsaywayman fort. The elevation of Cusco city is 11,150 feet and the elevation of Saqsaywayman fort is 12,140 feet. Cusco is 2 kilometers away from Saqsaywayman fort. It hosts three distinctive platforms made up of limestones of various sizes. Saqsaywaman fortress is a vivid depiction of Incan skill in the stonework.

Qengo historical wonder
Zig-zag flowthroughs of Qengo

The historical site Qengo

After the grand fortress, our next destination will be Qengo which is another amazing archeological site which is situated 6 km north-east of Cusco city. In Quechua, Qengo means labyrinth or zig-zag. Its structure looks like it allows liquid to flow through the zig-zag course. It is a common belief that Qengo was used for some rituals. Qengo temple was carved out of rocks to make a zig-zag course allowing liquid flow. A lot of mummies are found in this complex.

Puca pucara complex made of red granite
Puca Pucara complex

Puca Pucara Complex

After exploring Qengo our next destination will the Puca Pucara complex or The Red Fortress. Puca Pucara means the red fortress. The red fortress Puca Pucara is build from red granite. The magnificent large fortress “Puca Pucara” situates 8 kilometers away from Cusco city. Puca Pucara is a buildup of irregularly fit stones which tells us a story that the fort was built in a hurry to ensure protection. Historians believe that it was built as a guard post to ensure protected access to the Cusco city.

Tambomachay aqueducts and canals
Tambomachay historical site

Historical site of Tambomachay

Our Last destination of the day will be Tambomachay. It is a historic archeological site containing a lot of aqueducts and canals and waterfalls through continuous terraced rocks. It is 7.5 kilometers away from Cusco. The altitude of Tambomachay historical site is 12,350 feet. It has the most enchanting stone structures waterfall near Cusco. There are a lot of aqueducts present even today that used to serve water to Cusco city. There is a tower near to the site that is the guarding post of the site.

What Do We Offer?

Our one day tour comprises a complete tour to the ruins of Cusco city and it will include the following things that add a good value in our tour.

  • Fluent English and Spanish guides.
  • Small groups of people to understand more with ease.
  • Comfortable transport with pick and drop facility.

Kindly note that we are not going to offer snacks or entrance ticket fees to the archeological sites. We advise to bring hat to stay safe from harsh Andean sun. If you are planning to visit in the rainy season then do not forget to bring raincoat and umbrella. We recommend the tourists to bring sunscreen to stay safe from sunburn. We will provide complete logistical support to make your touring experience comfortable and memorable.