Trip to Chinchero, Moray & Maras: Unravelling the Mysteries of Peruvian Culture & History


Peru is one of the most traditional and culturally rich countries situated in the South American region. It has great cultural and traditional sites like Chinchero, Maras and Moray. Peruvian tourist sites attract a huge number of tourists. Camina Los Andes is one of the leading company providing the best deals for 1-day and 2-day exploratory excursion trips. As per high tourists demand we have drafted a 1- day tour that covers historically rich spots of Chinchero, Maras, and Moray to provide the best tourism experience.

chinchero moray and maras

The Historic Aspect of Chinchero

During Chinchero, Maras Moray tour we will be able to explore a huge cultural and historical aspect because Quechua people have great cultural resilience. During glorious days of the Regal Empire, the Incan region has observed glorious prosperity in cultural and scientific knowledge due to which there is a lot to see during our tour to Chinchero, Moray, and maras.

The elevation of Chinchero is more than Cusco which’s 12500 feet, and it is famous for frequent rainbow during rainy season. Chinchero is famous for its amazing architecture, Incan ruins, and architecture from the early times of the Incan regal rule. It  is a great expression of cultural preservation.

Peru people market

The Ancient Ruins of Moray

About 50 km from Cusco, is situated a beautiful town in a sacred valley retaining a lot of history. During the moray tour, we will explore the moray ruins similar to a bowl having stair levels just like Roman Amphitheatre. It is a common belief that the ruin resembling the combination of the circular terrace was an agricultural research center of Incan civilization.

The soil present at the moray agricultural complex is brought from different places of Peru. The purpose is to study the agricultural behavior of the soil of different places of Peru.


The Salt Ponds of Maras

Maras is situated at 3300 meters elevation from sea level from where we could be able to see snowcapped mountains of Veronica and Chicon. Maras enjoys a beautiful geographical local along with the unique most Maras salt ponds and mines. During our visit, we will visit the unique most salt ponds of the world at maras in a sacred valley.

The ponds contain a unique staircase structure that allows water to flow. As the water evaporates the locals collect salt through wooden scrapers. The water is supersaturated as it cannot take more salt so the walls of salt ponds contain salt crystals.

Salt mines


Our one day tour will give you the best insight of Chinchero, Moray, and Maras’s glorious history. We have captivated our immense knowledge to draft out the best itinerary for the tour to Chinchero ancient archeological sites, astonishing salt ponds of Maras, and agricultural terraces of Moray. The itinerary follows the following flow.

  • Weaving demonstration at Chinchero.
  • Exploring the agricultural terraces of Moray.
  • Salt Ponds of Maras.


The tour is designed in a way to appeal to the historic tourists and history students. Our first destination will be the Chinchero situated in a sacred valley which is 50 km away from the town of Cusco. Chinchero is situated at more elevation than Cusco so it is necessary to acclimatize to avoid health issues and better enjoy the thrilling tour. It will be best for the tourists to get acclimatized to Cusco before having the tour. After Chinchero we will head towards the moray ancient agricultural site to see the ancient agricultural open-air laboratory. Apart from the agricultural research center, the archeological ruin has a mesmerizing scenic view. After visiting Chihchero and Moray we will proceed towards Maras salt ponds to witness the salt ponds from where still salt is extracted.


Sacred valley Chinchero tour

Chinchero, situated at a higher elevation than Cusco and it is famous for potato cultivation. The women of Chinchero have kept the ancient cloth weaving alive. The beautiful and artistic cloth weaving technique is passing from one generation to the next. Our trip will give a lifetime opportunity to see the Chinchero women weaving the traditional cloth. It depicts the ancient Andean knitting practice which is still alive and popular. Chinchero serves as a renowned center of ancient Andean textile production by following older techniques.

Moray Agricultural Terraces

After enduring mild descent from Chinchero we will head towards our next destination. The ancient agricultural terraces still pose state of the art terraces as it is a wonder to have such stunning site at such high altitude. These archeological sites used to serve as agricultural farming laboratories having the soil of different places of Peru to analyze plantation having different samples of soil. These massive staircases altogether present a beautiful view. The most commonly cultivated crops were cereals, beans, potatoes, and many other vegetables.

Exploring the Maras salt ponds

Our trip will serve as a great Maras salt pond exploration visit. The salt ponds are source for salt for the country and beyond as the pink salt extracted from Maras salt ponds has a great significance in taste and health. Each pond is 30 cm deep and has an area of 5 meter square with salt crystal walls. These unique salt ponds were built by pre-Incans in 200 to 900 AD which is a great masterpiece of early Incan engineering. Due to the architectural structure the water flows through the stair-step structure salt ponds. The water evaporates through sunlight and the locals extract salt through wooden scrappers. These salt ponds are still active which shows the strong association of ancient Peruvian cultural practice.

The tour includes the following things

Our package for a 1-Day tour of Chinchero, Moray, and Maras includes:

  • A Good Transport
  • Fluent English and Spanish speaking guide(s)
  • Personalized small-group experience.

Keep adequate supply of water in order to avoid dehydration. We advise travellers to take raincoats and good footwear to avoid any discomfort. Wear footwear with good grip so you don’t face any difficulty while trek and walk. Sunscreen protection is very important because the sun can turn harsh at high altitude. It will be a great experience to witness the weaving demonstration at Chinchero.