1-Day Tour of the South Valley: Tasting the Otherworldly Peruvian Flavor


There is no wonder why Peru is known as one of the most historic and cultural strongholds of South America as it has got an immense range of stunning architectural structures and breathtaking natural landscapes. Besides the classic Inca trail, the citadel of Machu Picchu and modern settlements of Lima and Cusco, Peru is blessed with stretched picturesque South Valley. The south valley is an ultimate depiction of Peruvian natural beauty, history, and culture. Certainly, there is a lot to see and explore in this historic country. One day tour of the south valley will give an extravagant opportunity to observe and feel the brilliance of nature from so close.

Pikillaqta ruins
Archeological site of Pikillaqta

The Historic, South Valley

Peru has been home to several civilizations, the best thing about Peruvian people is that they still are intact to their cultural and traditional beliefs which is one of the reasons for the great tourist influx to Peru. South Valley has many tourist tempting sites including ruins of Inca and pre-Inca architecture. South Valley is 20 kilometers from Cusco city. The weather of South Valley has a variety as summers are hot winters are cold and brief and then there is rainy season from November to March. South Valley of Peru is prominent and famous for its colorful culture and traditional culinary. The picturesque landscape of the south valley gives people a break from their fast life and provides them with an opportunity to relax them with serenity and tranquility.

south valley Tipon
Tipon South Valley


We have drafted the best possible itinerary for our one-day tour to south valley to make sure that travelers could be able to have their best touring experience in Peru. It is our top priority to facilitate you the best way we can. We have made sure that you get to see the best spots to explore the amazing most archeological sites. We will make certain stops following amazing places along our trip.

  • Pikillaqta
  • Tipon
  • Local residence in South Valley (for lunch)

South Valley trip description

Our 1-day tour to south valley will start 09 Am in the morning. We will pick you from your hotels in Cusco city and head towards south valley using private transport. During our south valley tour, the first destination will be Pikillaqta. It is an ancient town sitting at an elevation of 3350 meters, 10990 feet from sea level. This is pre-Inca-settlement hence it retains cool old traditions and culture. According to the archeologists Wari Civilization inhabited this place. Wari civilization is quiet older as they ruled the area 600 years before than the Incan Empire. The Wari-Inca civilization and their architectural brilliance are worth exploring.

There are large geometric enclosures and designs which are the common design characteristic of both Inca and War architecture. Wari civilization dominated in military society while the Incan civilization flourished in vast research and development. Pikillaqta is a testimony of the glory of both Inca and Wari civilization. Both of them flourished in the Peruvian Andes and became the greatest empires of South American history.

Incan and wari architectural site
Inca-wari architecture

Exploring the majestic ruins

After exploring this beautiful town we will proceed towards our next destination of the day and that will be at Tipon which is 30 minutes away from Pikillaqta. Tipon is a religious ceremonial site as it is dedicated to the water deities of the Inca culture. This ancient structure comprises of a network of aqueducts and a reservoir standing tall as a symbol of Incan Spiritual grandeur. We will be having a good time while watching this cool historic place so we will be having enough time to draw a connection with peace and mediation. People use to mediate at Tipon as they get an ideally preferred environment for meditation that promises great tranquility, peace, and serenity, and all these attributes helps a lot in relaxing minds and have a great time.

Religious site Tipon
Tipon water channels

Heading to the South Valley

After exploring Tipon we will further head south in the valley where we will have a stay at a local residence. We will have our lunch over there at the local stay residence. South Valley has developed its traditional culinary art over a period of centuries. The beautiful old art of cooking is called Pacamancha. They used to cook in clay vessels and deep stone ovens. Our guide will provide us with a complete orientation of this culinary art.

It will make it easier for us to understand how people of this area have been cooking meat and vegetables by baking them in stone ovens and clay vessels for centuries. With the help of the deep stone oven, we will have our scrumptious food ready within half an hour. It will be a great treat to enjoy traditional Peruvian cuisine prepared in a primitive Incan style. After this amazing experience, we will head back to Cusco at 3 PM in the afternoon.

Ruins of pikillaqta
Archeological park of Pikillaqta

What is Included?

Our one day package to South Valley will include the following facilities.

  • Transport.
  • Well-versed professional guides in English and Spanish.
  • Small-personalized groups.
  • Tickets to archeological sites.
  • Lunch

Travelers should keep fresh water with them to keep them hydrated and fresh. Keep insect repellent with you. You must be in proper clothes as per trekking so that you can enjoy the trip without any inconvenience. Use good quality footwear to provide the best cushioning to your feet and heal to have a comfortable hike. Do not forget to bring the raincoats as this area receives a handsome amount of rain in the wet season that is between November and March. Travelers must wear sun mask to avoid their skin receiving a sunburn. South Valley is an amazing place and we will try our level best to provide you with the best touring experience.