Tour Companies in Cusco


Tour Companies in Cusco

Cusco, an ancient city in Peruvian Andes, used to be the capital of the Inca Empire and is still famous for its archaeological ruins and Spanish colonial architecture. This city has multiple carved wooden balconies, arcades and Incan wall ruins. Many building structures have remains of Inca stonework as well.  There are many Tour companies in Cusco providing an easy way into the exploration of the city.

Cusco – its Origin

Cusco word refers to the meaning of “Navel of the World”. Once you step out of the ancient ruins of Cusco all glorified by the long-lost history you end up into the Sacred Valley. As mystical the name is, so is the place. Sacred Valley comprises of the Rainbow Mountain which holds the pristine beauty of the colors spread around. For more icing on the cake there lie the sparkling blue waters of the Lake Humantay.

Touring in Cusco

There are many tour companies in Cusco that ought to provide the tourists a time of their lives by stepping into the unrivaled beauty of the Peruvian lands and its cultures. We at Camina Los Andes, hereby, are aimed at providing you with the best of the bests. We are looking up to the opportunity of providing you with superior and one of their kind tours to the Andes. Apart from being a touring company for the tourists, we aim at supporting the local community. We provide a large variety of tours and hence are able to cater to any needs during the tour. 

Tour Companies in Cusco


Camina Los Andes

Camina Los Andes is a Cusco based touring agency whose workers have lived in the boundaries of Peru throughout their lives and have worked there associated with the treks that lead to Machu Picchu. Being the residents of this place, we keep Peru closest to our hearts and its benefits closer than our owns. We came up with this touring company to aid the people here, to generate opportunities and to unveil the unmatchable beauty of this place to the outsiders and even to the locals all with ease. 

Camina Los Andes

Our Team

We realize that the quality of any trip is directly associated with the tour guide along the way. For that reason, we are highly trained and well aware of the risks and troubles that might occur along the way. We have top-notch guides who are at standby to cater to any of your needs and to also provide you with the most that Peru can give. We are all locally based at Cusco and The Sacred Valley and are educated in touring degrees. 

Our Expertise

All our team including the tour guides are fluent in English and hence can accommodate any international tourist to be with us along the journey. We have our porters who support us majorly as they carry all the needs and essentials of the journey. We are nothing without our highly excelled team and hence we call them our heroes. Our touring guides have already outdone many touring companies in service and adventure through their skill and expertise. We provide our team with the best wages as they play hand in hand with us to make Camino Las Andes one of the best Tour Companies in Cusco.

Our aim is to 

  • Provide unmatchable tours to Machu Pichu that are full of information and adventure
  • Provide education towards Incan and basically Peruvian culture
  • Offer an experience that lasts in memory for long
  • Support locals of Peru
  • Unveil the ultimate beauty of Cusco and sacred valley
  • Provide jobs to the locals of Cusco

We Offer

We offer self-indulged tours to our valued tourists. No matter what means they choose, either road or hikes through the mountains, we provide the same dedication with information so that we can make every single adventure worth the cost.

We are already emerging above many Tour companies in Cusco in the stream of providing the best adventure with the most education. Camina Los Andes is known for massive contribution to the tourism sector with the services we have given to our worthy tourists.

cusco tour company

We keep up with 

  • Honesty and integrity values
  • Being friendly with our customers
  • A close relationship with the Andean culture
  • Work with the aim of sharing what we know to those who don’t
  • Maintain the Peruvian values


We are a gathering of expertly authorized excited pioneers with a plan to rouse experience travel by giving a rich Peruvian encounter. Having assisted in six mainlands over decades, we cause a work of affection to make an excellent experience travel experience advanced with the embodiment of the rich and one of a kind Peruvian culture. It is our central goal to give a satisfying personal little gathering background to explorers. 

” Excellent guide who was extremely knowledgeable. You can tell Peru is in his blood and his passion for his people and sharing his stories were wonderful. Also a great musician! “

Doreen C

Buenos Aires, Argentina

 We urge wayfarers to wander out on less-traversed the Sacred Valley and dive into Peru’s hundreds of years old history middle unblemished normal excellence. Making experience travel in Peru a unique involvement with a steadfast duty to supportable the travel industry with good obligation lies at the center of our ethos. We have a Peruvian guide with 25 years of experience and a few other gifted experts in our group. Together we seek to move experience travel!

What’s Different About Us? 

 We are travelers on a fundamental level and that is the thing that has a significant effect! We don’t just continue attracting customers for each voyage through the city of Cusco or the different segments of the antiquated Inca Trail over the Sacred Valley. Be it the renowned and clamoring Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or the less investigated Choquequirao Trek or day’s trek to the Rainbow mountains, we center around littler gatherings of four to five individuals each joined by one guide. We don’t wish to give pilgrims a chance to visit a few goals as remote travelers on a vacation. We invest all our exertion, time and experience into guaranteeing that our customers take in the quintessence of Peru as they really investigate the captivating characteristic excellence, the great history and the rich culture of this land.

Our Aid, our Asset

Our aides, with as much experience of a quarter-century of managing trekking and touring visits over the Cusco area, towards the secretive remains of Machu Picchu and past, go about as pilots as well as enthusiastic storytellers and instructors who will present you the extraordinary domain of a really Peruvian encounter. It is your ideal experience that we wish to give you. Subsequently, we can likewise organize customized tweaked trips for you, simply the manner in which you need. Send us what you are searching for in Peru and we will attempt our best to get everything secured for you!

Trek Peru

Tips to plan an unmatchable adventure

We are aimed at making a company that is both top quality for the tourists and friendly to the Cusco natives. We want to make Camina Las Andes a company that is sustainable and trustworthy. This company will be a source of education and adventure.

We want to keep you prepared before you step out of your homes hence, we provide the following tips:

·        Tip 1: Decide when to leave

The high season of tourism in Cusco and Machu Picchu continues from May to Sept, with June, July and August are the most crowded. This is the season with clearest skies, minimum daily rainfalls and overall mostly dry.

That’s great for pictures and videos.

·        Tip 2: Go through your tour options:

Next, you want to decide what kind of tour you are expecting. Out of multiple options available, you must be able to get something that suits your plan and mode of travel. You can think of some options like from where you want to continue with a tour guide, you want an extensive trek or just a small tour, you are okay with budget or want a luxury surrounding, and lastly, do you support an extended tour or not!

·        Tip 3: Choose a tour company

You must be aimed at choosing a company that you feel most secure with for tour guidance. Here you can search for Tour companies in Cusco. We assure you security and calm if you choose Camina Los Andes as your tour and trekking guide.

·        Tip 4: Book your tour

Now that you have chosen a trekking company, you can book your guide for the coming days and select your budget plan along with the duration you desire. Although you can book a guide once you arrive at your destination but its always more secure if you book ahead before arriving at your destination. 

Duration 5 or 8 days (8 days recommended)

  • Arrival at Cusco – Pick up from Airport (Day 1)
  • Rest / acclimate (Day 2)
  • Cusco – Sacred Valley (Day 3)
  • Explore the Circular Terraces & salt Mountain flats (Day 4)
  • Pumamarka ruins & Ollantaytambo (Day 5)
  • Aguas Calientes (Day 6)
  • Machu Picchu; Back to Cusco (Day 7)
  • Explore Cusco (Day 8)

Camina Los Andes

Choose with attention

Hence your concern must not be the amount you pay but the tour guide you choose. A tour guide can make or break your dreams of exploring Machu Picchu to the last bit. For that reason, we at, Camina Los Andes are extremely spirited to serve tourists with a memorable experience. 

We surely want you to keep your thoughts on the budget at bay and enjoy your adventure destressed. That’s why we have kept or pricing and all costing deals very simply. We do not support any surprise expenditures. Including all the above-mentioned points we believe that our customers are highly satisfied making us the most sought out Tour companies in Cusco.