Inca Trail hiking: A Girl’s guide to Peru’s greatest trek


Classic Inca trail is considered the best hiking trail of South America and one of the best in the world as it leads to the wonderful Machu Picchu. Thousands of trekkers of various age groups including women trek the classic Inca trail every year. Here is your complete trek guide of the classic Inca trail across Sacred Valley. Inca trail weather guide will make your trekking so convenient.

a view during inca trail trekking
Along the classic Inca trail

About the Inca Trail

Classic Inca trail hike is a four-day hike. It is situated in the northwest of Cusco city. The trailhead of the Inca trail lies at a point namely KM-82 which is located at a 40-minute drive from Ollantaytambo. It stretches across the sacred valley and concludes at the infamous ruins of Machu Picchu. I assure the trekkers a unique hiking experience through the Inca trail with extravagant Andean mountain views. It provides the trekkers with the breathtaking view of snow-capped alpine mountains while passing through the cloud forest and glaciers.

the glorious machu picchu citadel
The citadel of Machu Picchu

Inca trail guide

Keep the following useful things in mind while planning a hike to the Inca trail.


Inca trail distance consists of 26 miles which are equal to 41 kilometres between the trailhead till the Citadel of Machu Picchu.


The classic Inca trail is a high altitude trek trail. It ascends towards its highest point at 3962 meters, 12998 feet above sea level before going for a descend towards the destination. At such high altitudes, acclimatization is very much necessary otherwise it will lead to altitude sickness which can even affect the pros.


Classic Inca trail terrain has very beautiful sights. It includes hiking along dusty tracks, cobblestone treks, and natural forest pathways. Some of the passes are very steep and narrow but most of them are moderate.

Difficulty Level:

The difficulty level in terms of the terrain is moderate however altitude wise it is a lot challenging.


To prevent Machu Picchu from being overcrowded the government of Peru has restricted the massive number of visitors up to limited to preserve the Machu Picchu ruins. Per day the number of visitors at Machu Picchu is 500. Machu Picchu bookings must be made at least three-month advance to visit the beautiful Citadel. Permits are granted only to the certified tour operators and every archeological and cultural site has been applied for entrance tickets.

trekking towards machu picchu
Trekking to Machu Picchu via Inca trail

Perfect weather to hike Inca Trail

We advise you to trek in dry weather instead of the rainy season because it makes hiking tough and challenging. The weather is a bit more favourable in winter for hiking rather than in summer because summers are rainy. Winters last between May and September. The summers are rainy in wet so it makes trekking difficult due to land sliding. Summer receives thorough rain spells in Peru.

What Should Be in A Girl’s Backpack while hiking Inca Trail?

It must be kept in mind that hiking along the classic Inca trail is going to take you to the remote Peruvian Andes so preparations must be accordingly. Here is the list of the things that every girl must have with her during the trek.

Hiking Gear:

Proper hiking boots and hiking poles are necessary for this trip. Bring sandals to rest your feet at the overnight campsite but don’t go trekking in anything but your hiking boots.

You must have proper hiking boots and hiking poles as they are mandatory for such hiking trips. Bring sandals or any other footwear that allows air to pass through, use them during the camp side but do not hike in something other than hiking boots.


You should only have lightweight clothes; functional tops, tank tops, lightweight sweaters, breathable pants, sports undergarments (adequate number of pairs) and caps. Make sure not to take extra clothes with you as it will increase the burden and it will bother you during the hike. Make sure you don’t bring extra stuff but keep a dry change of clothes and a clean pair of socks every night.

Weather Protection:

Take hooded raincoats with you because they have a very small weight and very useful if the weather gets rainy. Bring scarf buff that can protect against the wind, dust or cold. Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must. Take lightweight gloves as well.


Take an adequate supply of the most used items with you to avoid inconvenience. It includes bug sprays, deodorant, chapstick, face wipes, anti-bacterial gel, and first aid kit. Take water bottles and chocolate bars as they will keep you fresh and charged. Don’t forget to grab power-bank to keep your mobile charged.

You know what a girl needs but you shouldn’t miss out on anything on the list given above. Camina Los Andes can provide you with the best services to make your trek trip the most lively.