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Free city tour Cusco: Explore Cusco on a budget


Besides the splendid architecture, Cusco has to offer a lot like free tour Cusco. Cusco is one of the amazing most cities in South America with its rich and preserved history over a while. It has been a dream tourist destination for many tourists around the globe. It’s not only a gateway to Peruvian Andes but a gateway to the majestic remains of Incan Civilization. Cusco is generally considered an expensive city, but Cusco has a lot to offer for every budget. A very few people know about free walking tours of Cusco. You must play smartly to find Cusco on a budget. You can have the best exploratory experience of a magnificent city on a budget if played smartly. Here’s your guide of Cusco city fitting best on your wallet.

have a view of cusco city
Cusco city view

Free city tour Cusco

Cusco possesses a heritage of its own, it has amazing architecture, rich history and a lot to attract a massive number of tourists. There are several touring agencies offering packages for the Cusco City tour, however you might want to save extra money so you can have free guided Cusco city walking tour. It’s a best practice to save money on tours and spend them on something else. A question arises in mind, that how to do so? And the answer to that question is to have a free Cusco walking tour to explore Cusco in a way you might have not explored.

The first batch of free guided tour Cusco heads out at about 11:50 AM every day. Walk with them and have the best learning experience about the amazing history of the cultural capital of the Inca Empire and get to know about Incan worship place like the infamous Temple of the Sun. It will be an extravagant experience to walk on the beautiful cobblestoned street of Cusco and have a great chance to learn and that too for free. Free walking tour Cusco is more than a treat for those looking forward to and economic Cusco exploratory trip.

cusco city cristo blanco
Cristo Blanco Cusco

Hike to Cristo Blanco for Free

Hiking tours in and around Cusco city costs good money. All the archeological site also does have their tickets. If you are visiting with some tour operator, then you must have to get their packages too. If you don’t want to spend money and have a thrill of free Cusco walking tour, then you must head to Cristo Blanco. You will be enchanted to hike to Cristo Blanco, and you’ll be stunned to witness the magnificent structure that awaits you.

cusco plaza de armas
Plaza de Armas Cusco city

Lounge in Plaza de Armas but Go Non-Touristy for Eateries

Cusco has some amazing plazas with superb settings containing refreshing environments and great urban views. The plazas are free to enter and explore the best you can and lounge here all you want throughout the evening. If you aren’t feeling charged for walking or do anything else, then plaza de Armas is the best place to be. You should go to non-touristy if you have decided to enjoy some of the finest Peruvian and Andean cuisine. You can soothe your taste buds with the best delicacies without even dining and Limo, Pachapapa or Chicho. There are a lot of cafes and street restaurants offering the pure Peruvian taste for fair prices. You will have a great culinary experience without spending much.

cusco city san pedra market
San Pedra market, Cusco

Head to San Pedra Market and Save Some Soles

Thousands of tourists visit the old Incan cultural capital, thanks to its heritage and geographical location that many treks are headed from a city like the world-renowned Citadel of Machu Picchu.

Several markets are catering to the tourist’s needs, but they can sell over-priced goods because this practice isn’t new for tourist markets all over the world. You can save a lot of sols by heading to the San Pedra Market. You will find each and everything over there including great food, handicrafts, and souvenirs. If you are good at bargaining and using the tricky words while buying, then you can get desired things at reasonable prices.

Be Wise with Your Accommodation

If you want to have good accommodation in Cusco with less spending, then go for VIP House or VIP house hostels. They are much cheaper than any other hostel with the best available facilities. They are clean safe and equipped with the best facilities. You can have you stay here if you are planning a trip to Cusco. It is one of the best hotels offering lower accommodation fares.

Cusco is an amazing city offering everything for every budget bracket. If you want to book an affordable small group tour with the best professional guides having an immense experience with a licensed touring agency, then opt for Camina Los Andes as they have to offer a lot of interesting deals.