Cusco with Family: A Trip to Nearby Ruins


Cusco family tour will unlock doors of joy for you and your kids. Besides being a dream touring destination for adventurers and tourists, Peru is one of the best exploring locations for families and kids. Peru is a great vacation spot for a family. It is a family-friendly country which means that it is a welcoming country for kids as well apart from seasoned travellers. Cusco family trip is highly recommended for your next family vacation. Cusco, the old cultural capital is one of the best locations to have a family vacation in Peru. If you want to explore Peru with family, then family vacation in Peru will be the best idea. Cusco family trip will be a wholesome family trip experience as it contains a lot of interesting locations to visit. While having the Cusco family trip you will be able to explore La Cathedral, Qoriqancha temple, and Chomuseo.

Cusco city
Family excursion trip to Andean Cusco city

Cusco family tour will be a great excursion as it contains an amazing itinerary. Cusco’s historic and cultural sites are too attractive for families and children as well. The unique charm of the city draws great attention to children and families towards itself. Cusco sightseeing will power a great and memorable trip. Dry weather will be extremely nice weather for the Cusco family tour. Exploring Cusco with the family will be a great idea as Cusco has so friendly environment for visiting families. You are going to have a great time in Cusco if you are planning a tour of Cusco with your family. There are many things to do in Cusco with your family.

Enjoy trip to golden cathedral with family
Le Golden Cathedral of Cusco city

Exploring Cusco with Children

There are a lot of places in Cusco to be visited along with children. You can find some amazing and engaging activities in Cusco with kids. Here is a must-do list of what to do while in Cusco with family and kids.

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas is one of the great places to have a quality time spend in Cusco. It was used as a center of activities when Cusco was the capital of the Inca Empire. All the festivities are still carried out here. The environment is refreshing and the view from this site is great.

Le Cathedral

If you wish to show your kids the iconic Spanish architecture cathedral at the heart of Peru and Cusco city then you should visit La Cathedral. The Spanish conquerors built La Cathedral after the fall of the Incan Empire. The architecture is simply superb.


You are going to have an amazing trip with your family while having a Cusco family trip. Qorikancha is the best place to visit if you intended to visit the Incan Empire worship sites. Moon and Star temple are the 2 famous temples of the Qorikanchi complex situated in the Cusco city. Visiting these places will be very joyful for kids and families as it draws a great curiosity in their mind which leads to knowledge gathering. Qorikancha is easy to find and easy to access place in Cusco that’s why a huge number of older people use to visit Qorikancha. Qorikancha is a great place the find the reflections of the ancient cultures.

Qoriqancha temple
The golden Qoriqancha temple


Who doesn’t love chocolate, of course, everyone loves chocolate, either kids or adults? You should visit ChocoMuseo with your children. You won’t only find different types of chocolates in the display but can also learn to make your own. Visiting ChocoMuseo will be a win-win situation for both kids and their elders while visiting this Museum. Cusco is a great children-friendly city, so there is nothing to worry about while bringing your family and kids for an excursion trip in Peru as they won’t get bored. It is very important to observe acclimatization to have the best time in Cusco.

chocolate museum during cusco with family
Chocolate museum complex Cusco

Instructions while exploring Cusco with Family

Here are a few important things to keep in mind during your family visit to Cusco. For your interest and convenience, we are going to make a list of interesting things to do while in Cusco with your family.

  • As Cusco is situated at high altitude so there is a likelihood for kids to be sick due to the altitude so it is highly recommended to get acclimatized before visiting Cusco with your family.
  • Before visiting Cusco you can spend a day or two in the sacred valley of Ollantaytambo as it is a good choice to get acclimatized.
  • Accommodation is even easy to get in the valley.
  • If your kids are young enough to be carried in your nap then their bus charges are free, isn’t it great to have full dare relaxation for small kids.
  • In Cusco kids, meal preferences won’t be that difficult to meet because there are special kids’ menus in restaurants to facilitate kids and soothe their buds with a scrumptious kids menu.
  • Breastfeeding isn’t uncommon here but most women prefer to keep themselves covered.